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Consultancy Firm Responsible for Managing International Brands in Africa.

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Cyber Security, International Barcode Solutions, National ID Solutions,
RFID Technology, Investments, International Partnerships,
Health Care Systems Automation, Real Estate and Marketing.

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we are here to help you
Business Partnerships

There is POWER in team work.
Are you Planning on establishing a Company in Africa?

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We Make Perfect Solution in Business

For ALL Your Reliable Plastic ID Card Printers, Industrial Barcode Printers, Desktop Barcode Printers, Mobile Ticketing or Barcode Printers, Wristband Printers plus Consumables Contact Us Today. Zebra printers deliver the autonomy, intelligence – and unlike other brands, security – that give you peace of mind and a genuine sense of protection.

We Make Perfect Solution in Business

We Have Solution for National IDs, Student ID Card Printers and Consumables.

We Have Solution for International Barcodes, Barcode Readers and Barcode Printers.

We Have Solutions for Wristband Printers









Quality Services

Our Years of Experience has Given Us Exceptional Values that Most of Our Clients are Enjoying.
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Global Business

Global Business

We Have More Than 10 Years Hands-On Experience in Secured Website Hosting plus Designing with Content Management System Softwares.
Business Growth

Business Growth

We Believe in Partnerships and Team Work. It is for this reason that We Invest in Other Companies for Equity and Takeovers at Fare Prices.
Success Report

Success Report

We have Generated International Barcodes + Certificates, Invested in 1 Bank, and We Are Building The Palm Buchizga Estate for Residential Houses in Lilongwe - Airwing

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How We Start Business With No Money in Dad's Garage?

As a Company we know where we are coming from, and it is for this reason that we courage others to dream BIG and Follow Their Dreams. How else are you going to THINK if You Don't THINK BIG??

  • Goal Driven - Be Willing To Pay The Price To Get What You Want
  • If You Don't Know Where You Are Going -Any Road Will Take You
  • Team Work Works